Realm is a gestating multidisciplinary project devoted to self exploration and intentional community based in Brooklyn, NY.

The project derives tools from visual art, design, somatic modalities and performance practice to develop experimental objects, education and experiences. 

Offerings strive toward meaningful personal encounters and sensory impressions for people of different ages, ethnicities, class experiences, genders and abilities.

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Ritual/Routine/Regime is an endurance auto-performance and archival process. With every change of the season (solstice/equinox), a new set of three workbooks guides the practice of everyday life. Each workbook has three section with prompts to document financial habit, diet, lunar cycle, creative work, household chores, wardrobe, self edification, physical practice and card reading.

The Personal Lexicon cards are a creative intimacy experiment initiated under Realm. Each iteration of the project is a collaboration between two individuals that culminates in a deck of cards. Decks are tools to cultivate mental health, secular spirituality and curious social engagement.

The Visible Lexicon cards are an abstract, illustrated deck of cards inspired by divination, free association and memory games.

Somatic education

A. is a somatic educator trained in the Feldenkrais Method, a gentle yet impactful way of improving body awareness. 

Since completing professional certification, A. has co-founded a community project, Open Acture NYC, and a private practice, Autosomatica. Private lessons and workshops  are available in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA.


Thank you for your interest in this project!

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